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February 24, 2013  |  Fashion, Men, press releases, Shopping, Street Style, Wardrobe

Irrefutably, Britannica is the new Americana. At least as it relates to the perspectives of American males and how they are looking at aspirational fashion. In years passed, this sort of trend may have been better described as quasi preppy, a trend inherent in American aesthetics. Nonetheless, today we are seeing a sense of romanticism exclusively designated to the fashions and urbanity that shaped the British Isles. It’s the kind of culture that suggests quality, utility, and a return to an integrity that many men don’t always get in the fast fashion shops today.

Grayers DAMstyle

Consequently places like J.Crew, Club Monaco, and Thomas Pink continue to retain a sense of trust that many male consumers don’t quite get from the likes of H&M, Zara, or even Uniqlo. It’s a package that alludes to heritage, wood, whiskey, and even herringbone. This also explains the emergence of Grayers, a new brand that is steeped in a point of view that emphasizes the vintage-inspired and utility behind its brand. It’s as if J.Crew and J.Press fell madly for each other and now have a lovechild.

Grayers DAMstyle

Currently sold at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, the Grayers name refers to a sartorial era noted in Great Britain in the 1950’s. This was when men throughout the country ditched the restraints of three-piece suits and opted to wear gray flannel trousers instead. They certainly have some interesting pieces that are more classic looking than trendy. They are garments that are fluent for the office or even a weekend. Worth the look, Grayers certainly caters to the dandy American male.



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