The Waffle Knit
March 1, 2013  |  Fashion, Men, Shopping, Street Style, Wardrobe, Women

Over here at DAMstyle, we love waxing eloquent about the details, especially as they pertain to simple, basic items, like a sweater or a henley. Lately, we are starting to see a certain type of ribbed texture ubiquitously rendered on many pieces of long sleeved garments. This texture is best described as a “waffle knit”, the waffle being exhibited in varying degrees of scale, dimension, and even color. The style is most fluent when exhibited minimally, bringing forth an understated casual sophistication, underscoring comfort and utility as the main proponents behind this kind of sartorial justification. Consider the waffle knit in what may seem like a garment you would wear to layer and stay warm not necessarily show off, in a color like oatmeal. Pair with mustard, or caramel cords for a mineral effect and you will be showcasing a good streak of street style.


This minimal style also pairs impeccably for the ladies, with a somberly colored pair of toothpick trousers and a brashly colored pump. Bolder takes on the effect, which can sometimes seem like a pattern, certainly can break the mold of hounds tooth or even herringbone, exposing a refreshingly geometric dimension to any ensemble.

YMC Waffle Knit Sweater

Whichever way you go, regardless of your gender, it’s a sure great way to be stylish and comfortable, at the very same time.

Diesel For SSense



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