Styling with Sweats

April 5, 2013  |  Men, Shopping, Street Style, Trends, Wardrobe  |  5 comments

The sweat pant, or sweat fabric has long been reserved as material best left for the unrefined, or only suitable in the comfort and secret of the home. Some have heralded it as an exhibition of sartorial purgatory. Nonetheless, over the course of the last five years, the fashion landscape has considered the fabric a trailblazer, nestling in the realms of the trendy and even the professional.

Today, retailers like J.Crew, Topman, and H&M, are all interpreting the casual sweat fabric with the contemporary, but also the tailored. Skinny sweats have surfaced, so have business slacks with a sweat pant feel. The most interesting of this partnering is the sweat blazer. It brings forth a casual polish unlike any other, and for the warmer temperatures it’s very appropriate.

The result can be especially successful if the fit is right. Skinny sweats are best left for the more lionhearted in the experimenting department. But, a classic pair of sweats, the ones you’d probably think are only for the gym could work for a night out on the town. Today, they are cut a little slimmer. With a pair of cons, a button down, and a leather jacket, it speaks casual cool, pretty fluently.

Below a blazer made of sweat pant fabric:

Sweat Blazer Cardigan

Below are some sweat pant styles for inspiration:


SSense Sweats with Hightops

Penguin Sweats DAMstyle


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