Through our personalized image consulting solutions, we help clients gain the confidence to express who they are and how they want to be perceived by others.

Image Assessment

We explore all aspects of your personal image by completing a personality survey and style profile. This enables us to know who you are and where you want to go. We then align your outward appearance with your inner identity to create a look that is in harmony with your goals and how you want to be perceived in the world.

Color Analysis

Transcending surfaces, color can vibrate, whisper, complement or negate. Overlooked, simply because most are unaware of the messages it can convey, color is an extremely critical factor in perception. Whether on clothes or interiors, color has proven to have profound psychological effects. Coupled with your exclusive pigment and temperature, DAMstyle will identify your most apt color selection, heightening your potential and your best assets.

Style Assessment

We have the ability to create a customized Style Solutions Portfolio, a 120-page personalized guide to dressing based on your unique physical characteristics.  During this process, you will find out exactly what clothes suit you best in terms of style lengths, design lines and accessories, based on 15 body measurements and other physical attributes.

Wardrobe Assessment

We will inventory your existing wardrobe in tandem with the observations made during the Image Assessment. High-quality pieces appropriate for many occasions are the foundation of a successful wardrobe. Quality is in the construction, stitching and tailoring of an article of clothing (not the price).  Our assured presentiment will take a litmus test of your wardrobe and identify your jeweled and weak items and what can be brought in between.

Personal Shopping

We will accompany you on a shopping tour to reconstruct your wardrobe, or simply shop for a particular occasion. Our far-reaching familiarity of store offerings streamlines this process. Pre-shopping takes place behind the scenes, selecting extremely key pieces, so you only need to try on what we’ve identified and set aside for you.   In addition, this includes shopping for gifts when your time is limited.

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